Dad sees his ex-wife and her boyfriend in his son’s soccer match and kills them, says a Texas police officer.


An official said a man had killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend during a soccer match in Texas.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, a 42-year-old man saw one of his sons playing soccer when he found his pregnant ex-wife and her boyfriend.

He was armed with a silver revolver and repeatedly approached and shot both at the parking lot near the Matias Almeyda Training Center northwest of Houston, officials said.

“I was on the bench. I was watching the match. I heard the first shot. I looked around what was going on,” Angel Gero told KPRC. “I thought it was like a car crashing or a wheel exploding. It was then that I saw a man picking up a gun and starting. Shoot both women and men again.. “

The video shot by KPRC filmed a chaotic scene in which players ran through the field and jumped over fences for safety.

A 35-year-old boyfriend died on the scene, and a 28-year-old woman Died in the hospital, Officials said. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office initially stated that the woman was pregnant, but KHOU reported that it had not been confirmed by a coroner as of Monday.

Officials said the shooting suspect died on suspicion of suicide due to a gunshot wound that committed suicide less than two hours after the shooting. He was found with a silver revolver next to his body, officials said.

Coroners have identified him as Lucio Estrada Molina, KHOU reported. The women and men killed in the shooting were not identified on Monday.

“I was surprised that this happened,” Gero told KPRC. “You really don’t expect it in a soccer match.”

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