Daily COVID-19 deaths can be unreliable: UK Secretary of State for Health

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid said Wednesday that increased Omicron infections could distort daily COVID-19 numbers.

This means that after a positive test, people are dying in a state unrelated to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus that causes COVID-19, so the number of deaths may be too high. To do.

The Minister of Health addressed national time after Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the restrictions on “Plan B” would be lifted in the United Kingdom.

Javid said Wednesday’s National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) data showed a reduction in infectious diseases, including the elderly.

“Hospitalization has also declined over the past week, and the number of COVID patients in the intensive care unit is at the same level as when we returned in July,” he said.

However, the Minister of Health added that “not necessarily COVID deaths” and “many” people are included in the daily deaths.

“It is estimated that about 40% of COVID patients in hospitals happen to be infected with COVID, not because they are infected with COVID. Therefore, this is sometimes called an accidental infection. “He said.

“This is almost twice the percentage we saw in Delta. This is important because many of those people are not necessarily due to the reported deaths of people who were COVID positive within 28 days of their death. I didn’t die from COVID, “said Javid.

The Minister of Health also said that ONS has very detailed data “coming soon” detailing the actual cause of death listed on the death certificate.

Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Adviser of the UK Health and Security Agency, said: However, those who died from COVID are not considered. “

“Given the vast number of cases diagnosed in the last few weeks, sadly we see some people dying within 28 days of COVID cases, especially the very elderly,” Hopkins said. I am.

Owen Evans