‘Daily Show’ digs up old clips, exposes Fox News hypocrisy in full view

The image speaks for itself.

daily show” put fox newsOn Tuesday, many of the right-wing network organizers and experts were accused of hypocrisy after spending 24 hours in an FBI raid. donald trumpMar-a-Lago mansion and resort in Palm Beach, Florida.The search was carried out by the former president I took classified records from the White House..

Fox News’ enraged personality has been hitting Rob ever since Nearly every accusation in the bookcompared the FBI to Russia’s KGB, called for the FBI not to be funded, and described the raid as “the worst attack on the United States in modern history.”

The “Daily Show” supercut, simply titled “Fox News On Hillary But Make The Footage Trump,” included clips of Fox News personalities armed in 2016 after then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. . found to have used A private email server for carrying out government duties as Secretary of State. At the time, they seemed very concerned about the possibility of classified information being mishandled and were keen to get the FBI to take action.

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This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.