“Daily Show” Jordan Crepper embarrasses anti-mask parents


Comedy Central

Comedy Central

Congressman Madison Corthorn (R-NC) Leading mask measures protest Outside a recent school board meeting in Smithfield, North Carolina, Daily Show “s jordan klepper I was in the crowd to find out why the district’s parents were so armed with policies intended to keep them and their children safe. It turns out that they may not know what they are talking about.

Entering the “American New Thunder Dome,” Klipper points out that these parents seem to think “wearing too much cloth” to stop the COVID-19 epidemic in the community. I started by asking.

For example, a mother in a T-shirt that said, “I’m not co-parenting with the government,” said, “Masks” because her child began to get acne on her face when she was forced to wear a mask at school. Doesn’t work, “he told Kleper. ..

“Have he been infected with COVID?” An incredible Kleper asked her, but she replied no. “But he had acne ….”

Klepper puzzled another mother by asking her how the surgeon would breathe the mask all day if, as she claimed, “you are inhaling the toxins your body is trying to get rid of.” rice field. Others didn’t seem to understand the difference between how COVID spreads in the classroom and outside the playground. When she ran out of her “facts,” she stepped back and asked, “Do you want to edit this?”

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Notifying parents that the ICU in their county was full of COVID patients did not change their tone. “But how many positive tests died across North Carolina? How many are sick?” A man asked him. Klepper counterattacked, “People in the ICU are pretty ill.”

Regarding “co-parenting with the government,” correspondents pointed out to some parents who have shown the slogan that sending their children to public school is exactly what they are doing. bottom. Or, as he said to one mother, “If you don’t want to co-parent with the government, don’t get pregnant in Texas.”

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