Daimler truck bosses say chip supply has become even tighter


Frankfurt — The world’s largest Daimler AG truck business has seen even tighter supply of critical chips in recent weeks, the division’s chief executive officer said in a report by Frankfurter Allgemeineson Tagzeitung. ..

“The situation has intensified again since the summer months,” Martin Daum told the weekly newspaper, adding that this affected production in Germany and the United States.

The interview excerpt was made available on Friday prior to its release on Sunday.

Daum said the purchase order was full, but stockpiles increased significantly due to a shortage that hit all major automakers.

“We have a significant inventory of already manufactured vehicles that are missing important parts. These vehicles are in great need by our customers. We would like to deliver them, but we are waiting for the parts. increase.”

Daum said tightening supply could have a significant impact on unit sales in the third quarter, adding that there were no signs of a rapid recovery and the problem would remain in the sector for some time.

Daimler Trucks Holding AG will be spun off from Daimler later this year and shareholders will vote for the move at an extraordinary meeting on October 1. Daimler will be renamed Mercedes-Benz Group AG.