Daimler warns car owners of fire risk that it lacks parts to fix

Berlin-Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz has notified luxury car owners of a technical flaw that could cause a fire, the company said Tuesday, recalling that parts needed to solve the problem are not available. Could not be added.

Daimler states that this problem is due to the possibility of a coolant pump leak that could heat the component.

The news came from a mass-market Bild newspaper that Daimler issued a copy of a letter to about 800,000 Mercedes-Benz owners affected by the flaw, stating that “the risk of fire could not be ruled out.” First reported.

Daimler confirmed that the letter was genuine.

In the letter, he added that the parts needed to solve the problem were not immediately available and could not be recalled at this time, but will be available as soon as the components are available.

“In the meantime, affected vehicles need to be driven particularly carefully to minimize usage,” the letter said.

Daimler could not confirm the built-in report that 800,000 vehicles were affected.

“Vehicle owners affected by the recall should always contact their nearest Mercedes-Benz service partner immediately,” the company said in a statement.

Affected models depend on specific GLE / GLS (167 platforms), C-class (205 platforms), E-class (213 platforms), S-class (222 platforms), S-class (223 platforms), E-class coupe / Daimler And convertible (238 platforms), GLC (253 platforms), CLS (257 platforms), G class (463 platforms).

By Victoria Waldersee