Dak Prescott praised fans who threw trash at the referee after losing in the playoffs

Dak Prescott leaves the field after losing to San Francisco Fortinize.

Dak Prescott leaves the field after losing to San Francisco Fortinize.Tom Pennington / Getty Images

  • The Dallas Cowboys lost to the San Francisco 49ers after the chaotic final sequence.

  • After the match, Cowboys fans threw trash on the field as players and referees left the stadium.

  • Dak Prescott wasn’t happy at first, but after learning his true intentions, he gained a better understanding.

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys were sadly knocked out of the playoffs by the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Towards the final play of the game, the Cowboys dragged 23-17 and needed a touchdown to win. Prescott scrambled the upfield to set up Dallas for the final throw to the end zone, After the chaotic final sequence of seeing the referee hit Prescott and his offensive line, The Cowboys couldn’t snap the ball in time to stop the clock.

When the cowboys and referees leave the field, Stadium fans threw trash on the field..

After the match, Prescott was asked about the closing scene. He had a dark and meditative tone, thinking that trash had been thrown into the Cowboys players.

“I didn’t see it. It’s sad. You’re talking about the team. You’re talking about the guys who come out every day of their lives and give everything to this sport. Give everything to this soccer match. “”

“It’s difficult for people to react that way when you’re supposed to be a supporter, and through the thick and thin with us.”

However, he changed his tone dramatically after a reporter informed Prescott that fan Vitriol appeared to be directed at the referee rather than the Cowboys himself.

“Trust in them then,” Prescott said. “Yes, credits. Their credits.”

Later in the press conference, Prescott was given the opportunity to trace back his comments, and he declined. Instead, he doubled his criticism of the referee.

“If not [throwing trash] To us, and the fans felt the same as us, and that’s what they were doing, and so. I think that’s why refs took off and got out of it so fast. I think everyone is angry at this way of doing things. “

Regardless of who the Cowboys fans were dumping their trash on and who thought their actions were justified, the Cowboys season is certainly over.

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