Dallas man arrests ambitious model murder in 1984

Dallas (AP) — Investigators arrested a 60-year-old Dallas man for murdering a 21-year-old woman in 1984 after associating him with a crime through a genetic database, prosecutors said Friday. ..

According to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, Edward Morgan was arrested for the murder of Mary Jane Thompson, who was sexually assaulted.

Morgan was detained in Dallas County Jail on Friday. Bond wasn’t listed for him yet, and he didn’t have a lawyer.

An ambitious model, Thompson, who worked in a florist and restaurant, moved to Dallas about six months before his death in February 1984. Dallas Morning News report. She used to live in Houston and Los Angeles.

Thompson was last seen two days before he was found dead behind the warehouse and was strangled with his leg warmers. She went to the clinic by bus, but the newspaper reported that it was closed.

The prosecution said the Dallas Police Department resumed the case in 2009, with DNA tests performed on autopsy swabs. The male DNA profile did not match a particular suspect, and the case was identified as having cooled again.

They worked with the District Attorney’s Office and the FBI team after police reopened the case in 2018. Prosecutors said Morgan was identified as a suspect through a technique that uses a family tree website to identify potential relatives of the suspect, based on DNA collected at the crime scene. DNA testing confirmed this week that he matched the profile obtained from the 1984 autopsy.

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