Damaged Russian ship found in Media in Sevastopol

ukraineska pravda – Friday, August 5, 2022, 16:07

On the morning of August 5, a partially burned Black Sea Fleet ship entered the bay of occupied Sevastopol.

sauce: Radio Svoboda “Crim Rialui” HI Sutton, project and naval expert, twitter

detail: At around 09:15, the Project 22160 patrol ship (of the same type as Vasily Bykov) of the Russian Black Sea Fleet entered the Sevastopol Bay, according to the Crimean Radio Svoboda reporter. Her starboard side was burned aft. A green military rocket launcher was also seen on the stern. With the help of a tow boat, we docked at Kulinaya Wharf at 09:30.


Towing a patrol boat and mooring off Kuriya Wharf

On August 4, naval expert HI Sutton reported that Russian ships began emitting smoke screens near occupied Sevastopol, which were then enveloped in black smoke. In Sutton’s opinion, the Russians were trying to camouflage the ship, but it was nonetheless enveloped in smoke as it was hit by Ukrainian missiles.

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