Damson Idris replies to Denzel Washington saying he doesn’t know him


According to the legend of a Hollywood actor, he is not familiar with Damson Idris in an interview on the red carpet.

and New video Interview, Hollywood acting legend Denzel Washington Said I don’t know who Snowfall is Damson Idris teeth.

Idris became famous for his breakout role as Franklin Saint FX Show, has been Compared to Washington I auditioned to play my son in a 2016 movie, fence.

Idris also became viral when he posted earlier this month Funny spoofing His behaving like Washington.

But when directed by an interviewer on the red carpet of a new Washington-directed movie, Journal for Jordan, When I asked him about the comparison and Idris’s open praise for him, he was significantly confused.

“Who are you talking about,” he said in a 66-year-old video. “I don’t know who it is.”

Seemingly shocked, the interviewer pressured Washington by saying, “You’ve come to know who he is.”

Washington asked the man behind him about Idris.Some fans Said When asking a question, it sounded like Washington called him “Danshin” Idris.

“Don’t look down on Damson, don’t look down,” Washington said when the interviewer moved forward.

Viral interactions are now widespread on social media, and many fans laugh at Washington’s complete oblivion to Idris.

“It’s not Denzel Washington who doesn’t know who Damson Idris is,” he said. One twitter User about the exchange.

Another user Posting that the exchange was innocent, “Denzel Washington, who has no idea who Damson Idris is, is so innocently cute! But when he called him” dance, “I really called it. I lost it !!! “

The video finally arrived at Idris. Idris jokingly changed his name to “Danshin Address” on Twitter. And tweet, “Call me Danshin Address from now on. I will not answer anything else.”

Most social media users thought the exchange was light, but many criticized Idris for being compared to Washington very early in his career.

one User tweeted, “Damson has four roles and appeared on TV. You say you’re better than Denzel Washington. Let’s calm down.”

another Twitter user said, “Denzel Washington is an absolute OG. I can’t compare Damson Idris to him. I ask a ridiculous question.”

47th AFI Life Achievement Awards Honoring Denzel Washington-Internal

Honoree Denzel Washington will speak on stage at the 47th AFI Life Achievement Awards in honor of Denzel Washington at the Dolby Theater on June 6, 2019 in Hollywood, CA. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Winter / Getty Images for WarnerMedia) 610265

Other users came to Washington’s defense, claiming they didn’t know about Idris because they didn’t use social media.

“Snowfall is the show that has received the most, if not all, attention through social media, but everyone is confused as to why Denzel f-ckin Washington doesn’t know who Damson Idris is. “I am,” said one. user..

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