Dan Bongino demands Republicans to impeach Biden

Just six months after the Democratic administration, Dan Bongino called for President Joe Biden’s impeachment on the situation at the southern border and how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Well-known commentator — who this week I participated By at least one other conservative power, Mark Levin, by pressing Republicans to take immediate action against Biden — Democrats accuse former President Donald Trump of double impeachment After that, he claims that “new rules are in force.”

“It’s time to start hardball,” Bongino said on Thursday’s radio show. Levin insist Biden is unconstitutional and must be removed by either impeachment or impeachment Amendment Article 25..

“Does the Democratic Party consider impeachment to be a strictly political tool to ward off your political enemies for no reason? As you know, fake impeachment 1 against Trump, fake impeachment 2 “Mr. Bongino talked about the impeachment battle, both of which were found innocent in the Senate.

More than 1,500 coronavirus-positive migrants released to Texas border towns in a week

Bongino claimed that Biden had “invaded” the US-Mexico border. This is due to the large number of migrants trying to overcome barriers illegally. Break the record, And health concerns are raised as follows: Some illegal immigrants COVID-19 test positive They have been dumped into the community by federal authorities to await immigration procedures.

He is also of the Biden administration Evacuation MoratoriumDespite the Supreme Court’s ruling in June, this week came the former peasant eviction moratorium, which can only be extended by Congress, and the Justice Ministry said. Claimed in federal court It aims to prevent US citizens from becoming homeless as the delta type of COVID-19 rampages nationwide.

“It’s just icing. It’s the real reason to impeach. Do it now. Right now. There’s no BS from you guys anymore,” Bongino said.

Since Republicans are a minority in Congress, any effort to impeach Biden faces a long probability. Impeachment article Submitted by Marjorie Taylor Greene, a fire brand, on January 21, the day after Biden was launched, but went nowhere.

Still, there are some new moves, as Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs announced on Friday. Impeachment article To Alejandro Mallorcus, Secretary of Homeland Security in Biden, depending on border conditions.

Bongino, former Secret Service agent Helping conservative media, Previously impeached When he appeared in an episode of the Danbon Gino show last month. But as Levin shook up in his highlighted segment on Wednesday’s Fox News and Bongino was set to air an interview with Trump on his Fox News show on Saturday night, a call for action. Will definitely gain momentum.

Bongino said in a radio show Thursday that he would launch an activist website that supporters could use to petition lawmakers. He also recognized the reality of the Republican power situation in Congress, but he argued that it was time to act.

“Impeachment resolution now. It doesn’t matter. Let them vote. Put it on the floor. Put it in the news cycle now. This guy has to go. He’s in the United States. The worst president ever. “He said.

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Bongino also admitted that another Democrat, Vice President Kamala Harris, who the Republicans tend to oppose, would line up next to become president if Biden was dismissed, but he said that was a problem. I inferred that it was not.

“It can’t be worse than it is now. Seriously. It can’t be worse than it is now. It can be worse, but it can’t be worse. The man needs to be impeached immediately. We need to. Yes, I send a message to the world that this is not a lawless country. “

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