Danes charges a priest suspected of killing his wife, and the body is missing

Copenhagen, Denmark (AP) —On Monday, a priest at the Lutheran Church in Denmark was charged with murdering his wife, even though her body had not been found.

According to Danish media, prosecutor Anne Met Sealap was filed against Thomas Gotthard, 44, after the evidence turned out to be “sufficiently weighted to prosecute.” ..

Investigators did not have a corpse and “thus likely a method of murder, but found sufficient evidence for us,” she said. She couldn’t get any comments right away.

According to Gotthard, his wife Maria From Jacobsen left the couple’s house in Fredericksund, northwest of Copenhagen, in a depressed state on October 26.

However, when a 43-year-old psychologist did not appear at the birthday party of one of the couple’s two children three days later, she was reported missing by her sister. According to police, From Jacobsen misplaced his cell phone, computer and credit card.

Gotthard’s arrest, three weeks after her disappearance, was news in about six million countries, most of whom belong to the state’s Lutheran church, although few attend church.

Investigators found hydrochloric acid and caustic soda in the couple’s house, and the couple used words such as “sea depth,” “oil barrel,” “suicide,” “disappearance,” and “cleaning” on the Internet. After his discovery, he was detained. computer.

On November 6th, a surveillance video from a recycling station saw Gottard moving a large barrel on a dolly. It was 11 days after his wife disappeared, and 10 days before he was arrested.

Investigators also sought information from witnesses who may have seen the family’s two cars and trailers, and conducted an extensive search using specially trained dogs in forests and lakes.

The priest, who denies cheating, has been detained before the trial and has been on trial since October 25.