Dangerous Trump is in “burn it all down mode”, warns NYT reporter Maggie Haberman

Former president Donald TrumpHis horrifying comments at the Texas Rally last week Pardon for the January 6 riots He won and said, “Massive protestIf the prosecutor takes action against him, it’s a sign that he’s in “burnt mode,” a New York Times reporter. Maggie Haberman I warned on Monday.

“He was in Burn It All Down Mode, and for some time it was,” Harborman said. CNNJohn King also asked about Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence’s allegations on Sunday. Had the right to “capsize” with one hand Presidential election.

Harbourman, in light of his sedition statement, raises the possibility of Trump’s new legal issues, and before he obscures or publishes the statement, someone’s I thought I was considering remarks.

“It was an unpleasant statement, so I frankly question me about the review process around these statements,” she said, referring to Trump’s claim that Pence had the right to abandon the election results. I did.

Not only did it sound a warning to the House Election Commission investigating last year’s attack on Congress, but “probably to a lawyer involved in a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump related to the January 6 riots in the Capitol. “Very,” she warned.

Mr. Harborman also shared the similarities of Trump’s call to the “biggest protest” the country has ever seen when rallying and marching at the U.S. Capitol at his call on January 6, 2021. It pointed out.

Now, “You say to him,’If the prosecutor moves against me,’ and essentially’Get up.’That can have real consequences.” Haberman said. “There are people who believe in his words and carry them. [out] What do they think the word means? “

According to Harbourman, a key factor in his actions is that Free Trump has so far suffered no significant consequences other than losing the 2020 presidential election. Joe Biden..

“You really don’t care anymore and see a portrait of someone who wants to put it all in his terms and knows he can keep pushing the limits, and basically ever By the way, except for losing the election … there weren’t that many penalties, “Harborman said.

Check out Haberman’s analysis in the CNN clip at the top.

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