Daniel Radcliffe clarifies he wasn’t torn just to play queer Al Yankovic, says filmmaker ‘thought it was funny’ that he was really muscular

Left: Daniel Radcliffe with a trimmed beard and mustache wears a navy polo shirt with three stripes on the collar. Right: Daniel Radcliffe plays the queer Al Yankovic in his biopic. He has long dripping wet hair, is shirtless, and has a transparent guitar.

Daniel Radcliffe plays the weird and unusually shirtless Al Yankovic in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.Noam Galai/Getty Images for SiriusXM.Roku

  • Daniel Radcliffe said he wasn’t particularly in shape for the Weird Al Yankovic movie.

  • In the film, he appears many times completely or partially shirtless, and is visibly muscular.

  • Radcliffe said he was obsessed with fitness and that the filmmakers “thought it would be funny how I look.”

Daniel Radcliffe said there’s a simple reason he’s incredibly jacked in “Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic.”

Radcliffe Playing Famous Weird Al Yankovic in the A film loosely based on the singer’s lifeIn fact, “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” is as much a parody as the song Yankovic is famous for, disguising familiar tropes and musician biopics. In the movies, Radcliffe is incredibly muscular and told GQ His muscles weren’t a deliberate choice by the filmmakers.

Radcliffe told the magazine, “I didn’t make a decision because I thought it would be interesting to see me look like this.”

Radcliffe appears shirtless or partially shirtless at multiple points in the film, and you can see his muscles in the trailer for “Weird,” which hits Roku Channel on November 4th. As Men’s Health previously reportedthe fact that Radcliffe seems strangely very torn to play the queer Al Yankovic has already generated a lot of fan reaction.

In addition to his muscles, Radcliffe also grew his own mustache for the film.

‘If you can avoid a fake beard, you should,’ says Radcliffe Speaking to fans at the film’s panel at New York Comic Con in October. “I have some advice for you.”

But the most important part of his look was the faux pas: Radcliffe donned a wig to capture Yankovic’s voluminous, curly look. Evan Rachel Wood, who played A movie with Madonna and Yankovic costumes.

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