Daniel Smith calls for unity at UCP AGM a day after unveiling cabinet

Enoch Cree Nation, Alberta – Alberta Prime Minister Daniel Smith emphasized the unity of the caucuses at the United Conservative Party’s (UCP) first annual meeting on 22 October.

In his 10 days as prime minister, Mr Smith said he was keeping quiet as he worked to unify the caucuses ahead of the spring general election.

Speaking at the convention at the River Cree Resort near Edmonton, Smith said: “Our team is now ready to fight for Alberta and in 2023 he intends to beat the NDP.”

Smith won the sixth and final ballot in the UCP leadership election earlier this month, becoming Alberta’s 19th prime minister on October 11.

The prime minister appointed a new cabinet on October 21, giving ministerial roles to five of the six leadership candidates.

Smith’s main rival in the leadership race, former Prime Minister Jason Kenny’s Treasurer Travis Towes, retained his previous portfolio in Smith’s new cabinet, while Brian Jean took over as Minister for Jobs, the Economy and Northern Development. Rebecca Schultz was appointed Minister of Local Government, Todd Rowen was given a portfolio of forestry, parks and tourism, and Rajan Thorny was appointed Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism. Leela Ahil, who was the first to drop out of the race for the lead, was not given a portfolio.

Epoch Times photo
Alberta Prime Minister Daniel Smith hugs Brian Jean during the United Conservative Party AGM at the River Cree Resort near Edmonton on October 22, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Amber Bracken)

Other members of the Kenney Cabinet retained their roles, including Health Minister Jason Copping, Justice Minister Tyler Chandlo and Education Minister Adriana Lagrange.

Smith also announced the government’s policy plan for the coming months. Smith said at a caucuses retreat in Sylvan Lake earlier in the week that the UCP MLA would take action on affordability and inflation, jobs and the economy, and health care to “Ottawa’s NDP-Liberal Coalition Government.” He said he agreed to stand up.”

“There is little doubt that the current Liberal Party-NDP alliance is just the latest in a long line of Ottawa governments that have frustrated the legitimate aspirations of hardworking Albertans,” she said. .

The prime minister said work has begun on the Alberta Sovereignty Act, a law she proposed during her presidential campaign to oppose federal laws deemed harmful to Alberta.

Smith said he is seeking completion of the sovereignty legislation by the time he gains a seat in the Alberta legislature. If she succeeds in the Brooks Medicine Hat by-election, that could be as early as November 29.

“We will introduce it, pass it, and use it to push Ottawa back into its own lane every time it crosses the line and violates our constitutional rights,” Smith said. I got

“If Ottawa announces policies or laws that attack our economy or violate the rights of our people, or if Ottawa attempts to take control of state-controlled sovereign territories, our UCP The government does not enforce those laws or policies in this state.

Rachel Emmanuel


Rachel Emmanuel is in charge of federal and Alberta politics.