Danish queen undergoes major back surgery

COPENHAGEN, Denmark—Queen Margrethe II, Europe’s longest-reigning monarch, who has ruled for more than 50 years, will undergo “major back surgery” later this month, the royal palace said on Wednesday. announced to

The royal family said in a statement that the 82-year-old monarch would then be hospitalized and undergo a “longer rehabilitation process”.

“Her Majesty has had back problems for a long time and recently the situation has worsened,” the statement said.

After consulting with doctors, Margrete decided to undergo “major back surgery” on February 22nd.

Denmark’s popular monarch’s eldest son and heir to the throne, Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, Princess Mary, Margrethe’s youngest son, Prince Joachim, and his wife, Princess Marie, and the Queen’s sister, Princess Benedikte, may intervene. Highly sexual

In the past few days, Margrethe had canceled events, including the opening of an exhibition in Copenhagen.

The Danish Constitution does not give the Danish head of state, Margrethe, any political power, and her duties are ceremonial. She was proclaimed Queen on 15 January 1972, the day after her father, Frederick IX, died after a brief illness.