Danish woman evacuated from Syrian camp charged with terrorist links

Copenhagen — Denmark was charged on Thursday with three Danish women evacuating from a Syrian detention camp with 14 children for supporting terrorist activities and illegally traveling and living in conflict zones. Stated.

Danish officials decided in May to evacuate a woman detained in northeastern Syria for relations with an ISIS terrorist group, threatened by political pressure and a distrust resolution from parliament.

Women and children evacuated from Arroy camp on Wednesday with the help of the United States and Germany, and Germany also took eight other mothers and 23 children from the camp.

Attorney Met Grisstage, who represents one of the three women repatriated from Syria to Denmark, speaks to the media when she arrives at a hearing in Esbiya's court.
Met Grisstage, a lawyer representing one of the three women returning from Syria to Denmark, will speak to the media on October 7, 2021 when he arrives at a hearing in the Danish Esbiya court. (Klaus Fiscar / Ritzau Scanpix / via Reuters)

“When I arrived in Denmark, my mother was arrested and preliminarily charged,” said police inspector Tena Wilbert. “Currently, investigations and legal proceedings are awaiting.”

The prosecution must decide whether to confirm the formal accusation, depending on the outcome of the investigation, and pave the way for a trial.

Women will face cross-examination in front of judges on Thursday and prosecutors will insist that they should be detained.

All three women have Danish citizenship.

Denmark has also offered to evacuate five more children from the camp, but no mother has been stripped of Danish citizenship for alleged ties to terrorist groups such as ISIS. However, this requires the consent of the mother, who has never agreed.

“We may need to evacuate more children from Syria, but parents may not need to evacuate anymore,” Mette Frederiksen told journalists Thursday.

By Nikolaj Skydsgaard and Stine Jacobsen



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