Danny DeVito says animals roaming all over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house and ‘he still smokes Stogie’

Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) poses at the annual German Film and Television Awards Golden Camera after receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award from US actor Danny DeVito.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito have been friends for many years.Christian Caricius/Getty Images

  • Danny DeVito opened up about his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Sunday Times.

  • DeVito says animals roam “everywhere” in Schwarzenegger’s home.

  • Schwarzenegger showed off a miniature pony and donkey in a viral video shared in March 2020.

Danny DeVito says his longtime friend Arnold Schwarzenegger still indulges in “stogies” with animals roaming “everywhere” in his California home.

DeVito promoting the Disney+ series.”little demonIn an interview with , he talked about Schwarzenegger and his love of animals. Sunday TimesDeVito told the outlet that he tends to hang out at Schwarzenegger’s house, where he has clashes with Schwarzenegger’s various pets.

“Animals are roaming everywhere. They’re coming to Getcha! Haha! It’s like, ‘What’s that?’ ‘Oh, it’s a horse.’ ‘Horse? ! ‘Arnold loves animals and he still smokes Stogie,’ DeVito said.

schwarzenegger The internet was delighted when he shared a video of himself and two pets — Lulu the Donkey and Whiskey the Dwarf — March 2020. The video urged Californians to stay indoors as COVID-19 cases were on the rise at the time. one month later, Schwarzenegger announces he’s selling whiskey and Lulu T-shirts.

In addition to Lulu and Whiskey, Schwarzenegger has two dogs. Dutch and Cherry.

DeVito and Schwarzenegger collaborated on several films throughout their careers, including 1988’s ‘Twins’, 1993’s ‘Last Action Hero’ and 1994’s ‘Junior’.

Most recently, 75-year-old Schwarzenegger appeared in an episode of 78-year-old DeVito’s “Little Demon.” DeVito told The Sunday Times that he and Schwarzenegger are looking for opportunities to work together again.

Lucy and Jake and Arnold peeps love working together and still have a lot of enthusiasm for us so anything we do I’m looking for,” DeVito said, referring to his children, Lucy and Jake DeVito.

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