Dash camera footage convicted drug organization after taxi driver accidentally rolled camera while planning a crime


Screenshot from drive recorder video

Gang member Mohammed Haley is featured in the dashcam footage. BBC / Derbyshire Police

  • A taxi driver accidentally turned on the dash camera and recorded a criminal conversation with a drug organization.

  • The footage convicted 10 members of the drug organization Marlow Lines.

  • Taxi driver Shahid Ikubal was also convicted. He has been sentenced to four years in prison.

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According to Yahoo, members of the infamous British drug organization totaled 43 after a taxi driver recruited to carry drugs, dealers and young courier accidentally shot a criminal act on his car’s dashcam. I was imprisoned for a year.

Shahid Iqbal was paid by the Nottingham-based drug organization Marlowe Line from March to July last year to transport large amounts of crack cocaine and heroin to dealers at two facilities in Derby, England. Derbyshire live Said.

According to the report, Ikubal was arrested last summer after a traffic stop was made while Derbyshire police were investigating gang activity. Email onlinePolice confiscated his taxi and found a dashcam with hours of recorded footage recording Marlowe Line’s activities in detail, the newspaper said.

Criminal video shared by Derbyshire police and published by the BBC, Used as evidence to defeat drug organizations, it led to Iqbal’s conviction.

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In one of the clips, you can hear Iqbal swearing confidentiality to the members of the gang while coordinating the plan. “To be honest, brother, no matter what happens between me and you, you stay between me and you,” he says.

“As you can see, it runs at least once a day here,” hears Mohammed Haley, a member of Marlowe Line, who has been imprisoned for six years and nine months.

“You run me around. It will put something on my table,” Iqbal adds.

In another section of the footage recovered from the dashcam, you can hear Ikubal’s coaching runner –Young deliveryman who paid for or forced delivery of drugs –How to sell drugs.

He advises the young man to charge his cell phone with credit.

“You’ll get used to this, brothers. You’ll make some Ps,” Iqbal advises. According to the footage, the taxi driver tells the runner to wear a mask before entering the woman’s house, which is used to supply drugs.

Iqbal was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to a plot to supply Class A drugs. BBC report.

According to DerbyshireLive, he “used his role as a taxi driver to be willing to transport drugs and runners between Nottingham and Derby,” said prosecutor Gareth Wheatman. “He’s on the chain. I was involved in the operation every day, “Wheatman added.

Taxi driver lawyer Mark Sharman said, “I have to admit that Ikubal played an operational role, but there is no suggestion that he involved others. His fall It was an economic motive. “

Ten members of the gang were also imprisoned on May 21st. Their verdict totals 43 years and 3 months, MailOnline reported.

According to the newspaper, Bright Norman, the mastermind of the drug organization, was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison.

Marlowe Lines is a county line gangster. According to the BBC, these groups often use networks of vulnerable children and adults to move drugs across UK county borders.

Police across the country cracked down on gangsters on the border of the county, arresting 1,100 people and seizing about 300 weapons from May 17 to 23. BBC report.

According to the press, there are currently about 600 of these gangsters active in the UK.

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