Dashcam footage shows a Uber driver and four mothers begging a murderer for mercy: police officers

Pitcairn police

Pitcairn police

The tragic last moments of an Uber driver and four mothers who were found murdered in the Pittsburgh area last weekend in a dashcam video that helped police arrest her suspected murder this week. It was captured.

According to court documents and local media reports, 22-year-old Calvin Crew was detained and charged with murder after the footage was discovered Thursday. Allegheny County Police said the crew was seen in a video of 38-year-old Christine Spixa terrorizing and holding a gun in her head while driving.

Spicuzza was reported missing from her family on February 11 after not returning from the shift as an Uber driver, and her body was discovered a day later. Her boyfriend reportedly told police that he bought her a dash camera for her work, but investigators noticed that it wasn’t among the items found in her car. I did.

According to police, the footage revealed that Spixa begged the crew to spare her after pulling the gun.

“Now I have a family,” Spicuzza told the crew after being told that the video showed him putting a firearm behind her head.

“I have a family, and I’m driving now,” he replied.

The crew forced her to drive in multiple neighborhoods in Allegheny County and accessed her purse on her phone, saying. Criminal accusation quoting data provided by Uber.. “Please, I have four children,” she told him.

“Keep driving,” he replied. “Do what I say, and everything will be fine.”

Spicuzza’s dash cam has finally stopped. Authorities found her car and her body in the town of Monroeville the next morning, with a gunshot wound on her head. It wasn’t immediately clear what happened to Spicuzza after the camera went dark, but officials said it was “terrifying for Christine.”

The crew was arrested, imprisoned, and charged with murder, robbery, and falsification of evidence on Thursday. According to police, robbery was his main motive.

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