Daughter of John and Kate Gosselin, 21, opens her Korean-American identity in a personal post

Former reality stars John and Kate Gosselin’s 21-year-old daughter, Maddy Gosselin, are celebrating the Korean-American heritage after years of “shame” about her identity.

In a candid post shared on Instagram to commemorate Korean American Day on Thursday, Madigo Serin plays with a blonde blue-eyed American girl doll because she didn’t touch much on her childhood mixed racial identity. I liked that. Not a doll that looks like you.

“Today is Korean American Day. I shared this photo with you because it was taken the morning before I got my first American girl doll. She said,” It’s just like that. “Come from the line, I named her Jordan,” wrote next to a photo of her retrospective holding another Gosselin doll.

“She didn’t look like me. At my choice, she had blonde hair and blue eyes,” Gosselin wrote about Jordan. “I didn’t have a doll that looked like me at the time, but more importantly, when I was five, I chose a doll that reflected what I looked like, not what I looked like.”

Gosselin appears side by side Her parents, Her twin sister character and six brothers of six sisters in the Discovery Network series “John & Kate Plus 8” and the subsequent TLC series “Kate Plus 8”. Now 21 years old, she said her memory of choosing a doll that doesn’t look like her today makes her uncomfortable.

“Looking back, this story is full of terrible discomfort and embarrassment. As I grew up to 50/50 (whites and Koreans), I was very conscious of my ethnicity from an early age. The transition from consciousness to shame is a slow progression that I didn’t realize what was happening until I was older, “she explained.

Today, Gosselin wants others to know that she has embraced Korean-American roots.She also acknowledged an astonishing number of targeted Korean Americans and other Asian Americans. In the US anti-Asian hate crime Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So I want to let you know that I’m very proud to celebrate being a Korean American today,” she wrote. “I’m proud to be part of a community that has suffered decades of ridicule and hatred in this country (only worsened in the last two years), but I’m powerful and graceful overcoming it. I came. “

“I’m also proud to have made Kick Ass Kimchi !!” she added.

Maddy and Kara celebrated Kate Goselin, who divorced John Goselin in May 2019, 10 years after her marriage, in December 2009. Graduated from high school..

Next to the picture of a proud mom posing with her twins, “This post is a bit late (mainly because of post-graduation fatigue), but I’m still proudly shining! “I wrote.

“Where did the time go ????” she added.