Dave Chappelle reveals a celebrity who left a “dirty note” in the White House for Trump’s staff

It has always been a celebrity.

Comedian Dave Chappelle Revealed in a new interview A “dirty note” left on the staff of former President Donald Trump of the White House, which Trump officials thought was apparently from an aide to former President Barack Obama, was actually there by a celebrity. Was placed.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Claim in 2019 When Trump officials entered the White House, “there were notes that’you’re going to fail’and’you’re not going to get it’,” a former Obama official said about what she was talking about. I didn’t seem to know if it was. And now, Chapel sheds some light on why, claiming that a group of unnamed celebrities who were in the White House for the event before Trump took office was the real culprit.

“When the Trump administration came in, they said,” Obama’s staff left dirty notes in every drawer and every cabinet for us, “they said. Chapel explained.. “Now I saw this happening. I’m not going to say who did it, but it was the celebrity who wrote all this crazy thing — and put them here and there I am. “

So you go: the mystery has been solved. Chapel clearly enjoyed being one of the only people to clarify the situation, and when he saw the story hit the news, he said, “I laughed really hard.”

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