David Cameron’s work on Greensill has prompted calls for reforms in lobbying legislation.

David Cameron-2016 Anadolu Agency

David Cameron-2016 Anadolu Agency

The lobbying law is Relationship between David Cameron and Green SillThe Labor Party said following recent revelations regarding actions after the resignation of the former Prime Minister.

Rachel Reeves, the shadow prime minister of the Duchess of Lancaster, said the Queen’s speech on May 11 should be used to submit a new law for internal lobbyists.

Current rules do not apply Rishi Sunak and Bank of England lobbying by Cameron He was an employee of Green Sill Capital, not a freelancer.

After being opposed by Cameron’s own government in 2014, previous attempts to introduce stricter legislation were unsuccessful.

“The enormous access given to Greensill completely disregards both the toothlessness of the current rules and the complete disregard of Tory ministers for self-directed integrity in lobbying,” Reeves said. It shows. “

Workers also promised to introduce a new “Conscientiousness and Ethics Commission” if they win the next election on government corruption and corruption.

Mr. Cameron Contacted ministers and senior officials Trying to persuade Greensil Capital to provide Covid Support Finance, A company run by his fellow Lex Greensill..

After resigning in 2016, the former Prime Minister took on the job of working for the company.

Mr. Greensill previously worked for the government during Cameron’s administration and had an email address and business card for Downing Street.

A new call for new lobbying rules came after Mr. Greensill was reported to have cited Mr. Cameron’s personal authority when he pitched billions of pounds of NHS lending to senior officials during his tenure. came.

The Sunday Times reported a leaked email stating that officials were complaining that Mr Greensil “acted like a semi-private sector agent selling various products to the sector.” ..

Revelations about the relationship between Cameron and Greensill since 2012 call for an official investigation.

Greensil Capital, where Cameron was lobbying, is currently in financial difficulty after the withdrawal of investors, hitting Britain’s leading maker Liberty Steel.

Dame Angela Eagle, a member of the Treasury Special Committee, said the scandal surrounding Greensill reflected “the actions that caused the financial crisis in 2008.”

“Imagine that Green Sill lasted for another five years. If it collapsed, it could have been a systematic problem,” she said.

“Some of it is about whether our regulatory system is fit for purpose because of what it doesn’t regulate,” she said.

“You can’t establish it until you know in detail what happened.”

Alistair Graham, a former chairman of the Commission on Standards for Public Life, said new legislation was needed to cover employee lobbying.

“We need to cover the full range of different types of lobbyists, whether they’re in-house or working for a consultancy or lobbying company,” he said.

“I think we need to rethink the whole process of exactly what we want. We probably won’t deny the minister entering the private sector. That’s what the minister does. When trying to influence government policy, how accurately can they monitor their activities? “