Deadly shootout after motorcycle club members went to punish fraudsters, according to Indiana police

Angry that a non-member had a tattoo and wore two motorcycle club patches, 6 bikers armed Then, to punish him, he headed to the perceived fraudster Indiana’s house.

But they Invaded DuPont’s residence around 4 amOn June 22, a shooting took place with the intention of beating or robbing a man, according to state police. Someone fired at the biker and the biker counterattacked.

Dustin Lindner, 35, a member of a group in Georgetown, Kentucky, was beaten during a shootout, investigators said. Congressman Jefferson found him lying in the yard and was sentenced to death on the scene.

Indianapolis Police immediately began an investigation.

According to police, four people were arrested and charged with murder. Jason Brewer (34 years old), Gary Fletcher (40 years old), David Falkner (52 years old), Michael Carnas (32 years old).

According to police, Jordan Rowe, 26, has also been arrested and charged with supporting criminals, obstructing justice, and strengthening criminal gangs.

Police did not say whether the “scammers” in the house would be charged with any charges.

Investigators believe that the group of six all belong to the “Warlocks” and “Pagan” motorcycle clubs, saying, “Victims had patches and tattoos from these clubs, but among the members. I was angry that I didn’t. “

Both clubs Considered an outlaw biker gang It is by law enforcement and has a long history of violent crime and drug trafficking.

In late June 11 pagan members arrested In New Jersey, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced on Monday.

“The use of violence, weapons and intimidation is the norm for this criminal organization, and law enforcement agencies have revealed that their actions are unacceptable,” said DEA officials.

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