Dealing with Watson will cost Browns a little more

Cleveland (AP) — Deshaun Watson prices went up for the Cleveland Browns in 24 hours. Call it football inflation.

Cleveland’s legally intertwined quarterback deal went official on Sunday, with Browns completing a complex deal and explaining the decision to add him to the roster after extensive research by the team itself. We have issued a statement from Jimmy Haslam.

Watson, a three-time professional bowler, has been accused of sexual misconduct by 22 female massage therapists.

The Browns announcement also included terms and conditions that turned out to be inaccurate.

On Monday, when the deal hit the wire of the NFL transaction, Browns took the first and fourth rounds of draft topics (No. 13 and 107) in 2022, the first and third rounds in 2023, and the Texans. To 2024.

In exchange, Browns won the sixth round with Watson in 2024.

The original deal did not include a pick for the fourth round of the season, so Cleveland regained the fifth round in 2012.

The team did not provide a reason for the change.

Watson will be physically featured in Cleveland later this week and will be featured by Browns at a press conference. The plan is still finalized by the team, who have received some opposition to their decision to trade him and give Watson a fully guaranteed $ 230 million contract.

Watson will be taking testimony for the next two days in Houston in a pending civil lawsuit filed by a woman who allegedly sexually abused and harassed her during a massage therapy session.

Watson, 26, initially told Browns that he would not give up his non-trade clause to join them before changing his mind. He was intrigued by their stacked roster and fascinated by the contract that paid him an average annual salary of $ 46 million. This is second only to Green Bay’s $ 50 million for Aaron Rodgers.

Watson also faces possible disciplinary action from the NFL, which is conducting an independent investigation into his actions.

Even if Watson is unpaid and suspended, Watson will have so much money as Browns signed a contract for next season’s base salary of $ 1,035,000 (the minimum amount of players who have worked in the league). You don’t have to lose. If he is interrupted, Watson loses $ 57,500 for each game he plays.


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