Deaths in Kharkiv, Ukraine are ubiquitous and rarely explained

Kharkov, Ukraine (AP) — The suburbs of Kharkov have a morgue atmosphere as Ukrainian and Russian troops fight to manage fragments of land, and the dead are neither claimed nor explained.

Recently, outside a town under control on both sides, there is a charred body of an unidentified man, supported by an anti-tank barrier made of crossed I-beams. There are dead soldiers, apparently Russians, four of whom are placed in Z, like the military symbols found in Russian armored vehicles, and look like Russian drones that are constantly making noise overhead. .. The door to the apartment is open in the three bodies.

To be precise, you probably never know how this happened.

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, has been under Russian attack since the start of the war in late February. As Russia’s attacks intensify in the east, Russia’s onslaught is becoming more and more intense.

The suburban territories of eastern cities, considered strategic and industrial awards, have been moving back and forth between Russian and Ukrainian troops for weeks as the battle moved from village to village. Many, but not all, of the million inhabitants of Kharkov have fled.

Associated Press journalists wore white armbands commonly used by Russian soldiers and, along with some Russian medical kits, saw the body formed into a Z. They were found on the front lines of battles for days. They were taken to the morgue on Monday with the burned man. There was no explanation for the Z formation, a symbol of Russia’s aggression, nor for the burned corpse being supported by a barrier. Both can be considered war crimes by disregarding the dignity of the dead.

Next is an attempt to investigate their identities, perhaps notifying their families.

However, it is still difficult to unravel. The body of a man with a Ukrainian insignia was found to carry the identification of a Russian soldier. The apartment where the three were found was heavily bombarded, but it was not clear what killed them.

Bombardment and airstrikes are a daily threat to everyone everywhere. And as long as it is true, death can come at any time without anyone answering the reason.

It was rare to get a glimpse of the death and atrocities of war. It was difficult to get a complete picture of the battles in eastern Ukraine, as it was so dangerous for journalists to move around with airstrikes and artillery. Russia severely limits reporting in combat zones. The Ukrainian government imposes less restrictions, primarily on the speed of publication of materials and military installations.

According to the Red Cross, cutting a corpse in an international armed conflict is the subject of a war crime of “indignating the dignity of an individual” under the legislation of the International Criminal Court, which, according to the criminal element, is a dead person. Also applies to.