Decades-Old human bodies found in barrels as Lake Mead recedes

Boater Lake Mead On Sunday, I came across a barrel containing a human corpse that appeared to have been there for decades, based on the rotting nature of metal drums.

“After my husband heard the woman scream, he went to see and found a body in a very degraded 50-gallon drum,” says Shawna Hollister, who lives in Las Vegas. Told news 3.. “He found a man who was mostly bone, except for some shirts and belts.”

With this discovery, a ranger from the National Parks Authority searched the area. The ranger helped the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department retrieve the body.

The photos on the site show a rusty barrel partially submerged in mud, about a foot from the edge of the current lake level.

Clark County Coroners Office Told the Associated Press It oversees efforts to identify a person.

Las Vegas Metropolis Murder Lieutenant Wraith Spencer Told 8NewsNow Based on the items found in the barrel, the victim may have been killed in the 1980s. In addition, Spencer said he was fully hoping to find more bodies as the lake’s water level dropped.

“I think anyone can understand that there are probably more bodies dumped on Lake Mead,” he said. “It’s just a matter, can we recover them?”

As megadroughts worsen in the region, the water level of the lake, the largest reservoir in the country, has dropped. The driest in at least 1200 years.. When the water receded last week, the original intake valve of the lake from 1971 was revealed.

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