Decoding the “Z” — a mysterious Russian military symbol adopted by the Russian nationalist movement

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Approximately 1,000 Serbian ultra-nationalist supporters marched in Belgrade to support Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Some supporters hung a flag with a white “Z”.Milos Miskov / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

  • A new emblem has emerged in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It is a “Z” stylized with a thick brush.

  • The “Z” was found on a Russian tank that invaded Ukraine and was painted on the side of a military vehicle.

  • It may have started as a signal of victory in Russia, but it has been diverted as a symbol of the far right.

A new symbol of Russia’s war against Ukraine has emerged — a white “Z” emblem stylized with a thick brush. It appeared on signs and T-shirts of ultra-right-wing pro-Russian protesters, was depicted on Russian tanks and military vehicles, and was worn to support Russia’s invasion.

In the last few weeks, the “Z” has become a powerful symbol in favor of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine from military markings. And there are signs that Russian nationalist groups have adopted the mark as well.

The emblem was first discovered on Russian tanks in February

Pro-Russian military personnel in insignificant uniforms can be seen on tanks with the letter

The original meaning of the “Z” symbol is unknown and has not been confirmed by official sources.Alexander Elmochenko / Reuters

The “Z” sign was first discovered On February 22, it was adorned with Russian military vehicles rolling in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

Twitter commenter Guess The “Z” symbol displayed on tanks surrounded by squares, triangles, and other painted shapes is Outline the infantry..

Kamil Galeev, a former Galina Staroboitova Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Fellow at the Wilson Center, a policy think tank, said that some interpreted the “Z” as an abbreviation for “za pobedy” (“victory” in Russian). Tweeted. Others speculate that “Z” stands for “zapad” (or west) and means westbound infantry.

The meaning of the symbol has not yet been confirmed by Russian military sources.

A symbol of Russian nationalism, the cry of a rally in support of Putin

On the side of the tank with the

The “Z” symbol is displayed on the side of Russian military vehicles during the country’s invasion of Ukraine.Alexander Elmochenko / Reuters

apart from The letter “Z”, which is not in the Cyrillic Russian alphabet, The letter appears to be woven into a broader Russian wartime story.

Cars have been found around Russia with the “Z” logo, and companies have adopted this symbol.

March 4th Crowd of pro-Russian far-right Serbian protesters marching in Belgrade A wavy sign decorated with “Z”.

Similarly, a group of Russian nationalist protesters in Leningrad were filmed in a white “Z” hoodie with the words “We will not give up ourselves.” It’s unclear when the video was shot, but it appeared on social media in the first week of March.

The slogan is Russian propaganda, but the invasion is “Liberation” and “De-najifi” Ukraine — Independent democracy led by a Jewish president.

On Sunday, a Russian gymnast appeared at the medal ceremony with a “Z” taped to his uniform.

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak Taped the “Z” symbol on the front of his uniform While receiving medals at the Gymnastics World Cup held in Doha on Sunday. He came third, after Illia Kovtun of Ukraine, who came first.

The International Gymnastics Federation has called on the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation Investigate Clark’s behavior.

Proptin numbers Also wear the symbol.. Maria Butina, Convicted Russian spy And the current Russian House of Representatives was seen in a video with her blazer removed and a “Z” on the collar.

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