Deion Sanders says Brittany Renner’s advice in Florida could make $ 20 million wealthier.

Deion Sanders We believe Brittany Renner’s advice to the Jackson football team is worth millions.

In his podcast 21st and prime, Sanders said he would be much wealthier if he had the advice of a star Instagram model when he was in college. Florida.

“Let me tell you something, if I had her in my ears,” Sanders said. “If I was sitting in that room in Florida and had her come and lay it out like she laid it out. If I had it, I would be at least $ 20 million wealthy. Will be. “

“Well, really?” Answered Renner, a guest at the show.

“Yeah, because of the game,” Sanders said. “From all that she elaborated on, I would have been more prepared for the game of life. I was prepared for the soccer game, but not for the other games, because I was so trapped. And I misunderstood love and some women. If I had it, I promise you at least 20. Divorce, attorney’s fees, everything I experienced as a man. At least $ 20 million is richer because of the bullish junk. “

speech: Deion Sanders talks to Instagram model Brittany Renner with the Jackson football team

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Sanders explained why he had Renner talk to the team.

“I don’t want players, sons, coaches, everyone who was there. Men in equipment, women in equipment, I don’t want them to experience it,” he said. “That’s why. She told them the honest truth of God. It was very helpful. She was very vulnerable and they saw aspects that the average person didn’t actually see. She Because she really has a heart and really wants love. She really does. “

Mr. Renner, an alum at Jackson State University, said he left Jackson State University because he “loved it too much to work.” She was dating a Jackson football player at the time.

“It was definitely a process for me, because I realized that the love I was looking for was the love I hadn’t given to myself,” Renner said. “Now that I feel the love I’m chasing, I’m not just standing up and leaving the situation or my foundation. But when you’re 21, you’re chasing something. Your Yeah, I was in love because I’ve never seen it in my life, he graduated early, he was a few years older than me, I chased behind him Also, I moved to Michigan, I got a regular old job, I was a special needs caregiver, a Zumba instructor, and all the other jazz. “

Renner explained her reaction to the attention received by her video clip talking to the team.

“People were stunned,” Renner said. “They were like,’Why did he bring her?’ But they were like,’This is a genius.’ To be honest, the reaction surprised me. I don’t want to sound surprised, but it was like Dion you know, you’re best to do it. “

This article was originally published in the Mississippi Clarion Ledger: Deion Sanders says Brittany Renner’s advice could have saved him money