Delhi announces blockade as Covid cases surge

A boy cricketing in a closed market at the Severe Bazaar wholesale market during a weekend blockade imposed by the state government to once again curb the surge in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases.

Delhi changed weekend curfew to a week-long blockade

Delhi, the capital of India, has announced a week-long blockade after a record surge in incidents has overwhelmed the city’s health care system.

During the blockade, which begins on Monday, important services such as government offices, hospitals, pharmacies and grocery stores will be open.

The city had imposed a curfew on weekends, but reported the best one-day spike ever on Sunday-24,462.

India has been upset by a deadly second wave since early April.

“I have always opposed the blockade, which will help increase the number of beds in Delhi,” Prime Minister Albind Keziwar said in a press conference on Monday.

He also urged the city’s migrant workers not to leave- Millions of people have returned to the village due to the national blockade last year After they realize they are unemployed and running out of money.

“This was a difficult decision, but I had no other choice,” said Keziwar. “I know that day laborers will suffer and lose their jobs when the blockade is announced, but I urge them not to leave Delhi. It’s a short blockade and we take care of you. I will do it. “

India has reported more than 200,000 cases daily since April 15. This is well above last year’s peak, which averaged about 93,000 daily.

The death toll is also increasing. India confirmed 1,620 deaths from the virus on Sunday.

People are lined up to take the Covid-19 test during a special test camp at Geeta Colony's Cha Channel Hospital in New Delhi, India, on April 16, 2021.

As the number of cases increases rapidly, a line is being built at the test center as well.

With India’s financial hub Mumbai as its capital, Maharashtra remains the worst-hit state, accounting for nearly one-third of India’s more than 1.9 million active cases.

However, Delhi is the most devastated city, with more cases confirmed daily than in Mumbai these days.

Hospitals are struggling to deal with Covid-positive patients in other hit cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Ahmedabad. Some states have reported a serious shortage of beds in the Covid ward and ICU.

According to doctors, even test results are delayed due to overwhelming demand, leading to people not being diagnosed and treated in time.

According to experts Indian government ignored second wave warning And did little to prevent it, or to contain it-they seemed to ignore unmasked crowd-participated cricket matches, basic Covid safety rules, and large elections. Rally, A huge Hindu festival where millions of people gather on the banks of the Ganges earlier this month for a holy swim..

Boosted by a sharp drop in the number of cases and the start of a vaccination drive, India started this year with what looks like a regular memo. But things quickly got worse as people started leaving home, wearing less masks, and interacting with larger groups. According to experts, subspecies invasion and delayed vaccination only further promoted infection.

Within a few weeks, India jumped to the top of the world’s Covid charts, recording more cases daily than any other country.