Delta Air Lines is changing boarding is what you need to know

Airlines around the world are changing their policies and processes post-pandemic. newly designed interior, baggage claim Procedures, and now boarding processes, are changing.

You know the boarding drill. If you have special needs or are traveling with children, please board early. Active duty military personnel then board.Then Diamond Medallion Frequent Flyer and Delta One Business Class and first class Passengers board.

But now, Diamond Medallion frequent flyers board after Delta One Business Class and First Class passengers. From there, we board Delta Premium Select passengers, as well as those with strollers and child seats. Last to board are Comfort Plus, Sky Priority and Main Cabin passengers. Finally, economy passengers board.

Delta Air Lines Changes Boarding Procedures


In a recent statement to The Points Guy, a Delta Air Lines spokesperson said, “This adjustment will change the boarding order for a small group of premium customers to provide a priority boarding experience.” While this process may seem complicated, it doesn’t appear to cause any significant delays throughout the boarding process.

Additionally, Diamond Medallion frequent flyers will continue to receive priority boarding, giving them plenty of time to pack and relax before departure. They even get special announcements just for them now.

Participating travelers Detroit of the airport Parallel reality experienceAccording to the Washington Post, “Parallel Reality relies on display technology that allows multiple people to view the same board at the same time and see personalized information.”

In addition to Delta’s schedule, Direct flights to Cape Town and Tahitilearning about the airline’s modified boarding process will put flyers ahead of the game.

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