Delta detoured during the flight after Marshal and was assaulted by flight attendants


According to local police, the flight from Washington, DC to Los Angeles was directed to Oklahoma City on Thursday night after “combat passengers” attacked flight attendants and a flight marshal.

Important reason: Airlines are dealing with an unmanageable surge in passengers. Federal Aviation Administration We have confirmed more than 5,500 cases this year. The most involved mask-related incidents.

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News promotion: 59-year-old Bain Vance, who answered a phone call to assist the Federal Air Marshal Service on Delta’s Flight 342, said he saw a man “trying to board” a flight attendant.

  • Oklahoma City police captain Arthur Gregory told Axios on the phone that after he “assaulted a flight attendant,” the aviation marshal tried to detain the suspect, but he “assaulted the aviation marshal.”

  • The suspect was finally handcuffed, and the pilot directed the plane to Will Rogers World Airport, where the suspect was escorted from the plane, officials said.

  • The FAA confirmed the detour to Axios by email and said, “We are investigating all reports of unruly passengers received from the airline.” Gregory said the FBI could also be investigated.

Big picture: FAA and Department of Justice Established information sharing protocol In August, we will refer the FBI for an unruly passenger case for consideration.

Deeper: Delta asks other airlines to share a “no flight” list of unruly passengers

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