Delta’s flights were forced to change direction after “uncontrollable passengers” tried to break into the cockpit

Passengers on Delta’s flight from Los Angeles to Nashville attempted to break into the cockpit on Friday, directing the plane to New Mexico, according to Albuquerque airport officials.

According to airport spokeswoman Stephanie Kitz, Albuquerque International Sunport received reports from the air traffic control tower that passengers on the plane were trying to break into the cabin. She said unidentified passengers were detained by police at the airport upon landing and the investigation was taken over by the FBI.

The Albuquerque FBI didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but a Twitter post confirmed that it was responding to a relocated flight that landed at the airport.

One passenger on the flight posted a video of the incident at. twitter The plane had to make an emergency landing because the passengers “tried to hijack” the plane. The video shows a male Delta cabin crew member who appears to be detaining passengers at the rear of the plane. , The figure of a passenger whose wrist is tied with a zipper is reflected. It is tied at the back.

In a statement, Delta did not provide details of the accident on board and did not admit that passengers attempted to enter the cockpit.

Delta spokeswoman Anthony Black said Flight 386 successfully landed in Albuquerque and praised the crew and passengers for “detaining unhandled passengers.”

The plane will land at the airport at 2:18 pm and depart for Nashville tonight, arriving about five hours behind schedule.

The incident saw airlines see a surge in passenger attitudes, control According to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Last week, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant arrived at the hospital. Passenger hit her faceThe Southwest Airlines flight attendant union said she lost two teeth in the incident.

After a high-profile incident, a flight attendant union called for restrictions on in-flight alcohol sales as travel recovered. Southwest And American After a long pandemic break, we postponed plans to start selling drinks. Americans will not bring back liquor until September 13, when federal mask obligations on planes and airports end.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY. Delta flights changed destinations after “uncontrollable passengers” were overwhelmed by crew