Demand for Lufthansa flights to the US surges to resume

Demand for Berlin-transatlantic flights has skyrocketed since the United States last week announced plans to resume fully vaccinated travelers from countries, including most of Europe, Lufthansa of German Airlines said on Tuesday. Told.

One day last week, transatlantic flight bookings tripled from the previous week, and demand for some routes approached pre-crisis levels, he said in a statement.

United States of America Said Resuming last week in November, it will broadcast COVID-19 fully vaccinated travelers from 33 countries, including most of China, India, Brazil and Europe.

For major European airlines such as British Airways owners IAG, Lufthansa and Air France-KLM, this decision is chance To restore the transatlantic route, which is key to their interests.

Lufthansa said bookings for December flights to the United States reached pre-crisis levels last week.

Both leisure and business travelers have obtained tickets for flights from Zurich and Frankfurt to New York and Miami.

Bookings for Premium Economy, Business and First Class flights to the United States last week increased compared to the same period in 2019.

Lufthansa said it will launch additional flights to the United States to meet the surge in demand and will offer three daily flights to Miami on the airlines Lufthansa and SWISS from November.

We are also considering adding a connection to New York in addition to the already planned up to 55 weeks of connections from European hubs to meet the demand for pre-Christmas travel.

As the demand for flights to the United States skyrocketed, Lufthansa is also adding feeder flights within Germany and to European hubs in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland.

Maria Sheehan