Democrat Henry Cuellar declares winner in Texas recount


Austin, Texas (AP) — Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar’s primary with progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros, who won less than 200 votes in the May finals after recounting in Texas. Confirmed to be the winner.

According to the results of the recount released by the Texas Democratic Party, Querrer, a member of the 9th term, defeated Cisneros with 289 votes.

The Associated Press hadn’t previously declared a winner in the race because it was too close to make a call.

Cisneros, a 29-year-old immigrant lawyer who once interned for Claire, challenges her ex-boss, whose modest records along the terrible Hispanic southern border of Texas sometimes matched him on issues with the Republicans. This is the second time I have lost an abortion and a gun.

This time, Cisneros is even closer than 2020, which was four percent behind national support from the party’s progressive leaders, such as Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. rice field.They re-supported her in a rematch, along with an abortion group that swooped into her race. It may overturn the Roe v. Wade case, as signaled by the US Supreme Court..

“Near this margin, it’s clear that we would have won without positive interference with the lives of South Texas families,” said Cisneros. “The biggest obstacle to us pursuing the right change is their fear. Fear of change, fear of the future. But the only way to defeat it is in the wealthiest countries in the world. , All of us have the courage and determination to deserve prosperity. “

Claire is one of the last anti-abortion Democrats in Congress He has also supported the party for years over its support for gun rights and its stricter stance on immigrants. However, he still maintained the support of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders.

“To those who didn’t vote for me, as your parliamentarian, I will continue to work diligently for you in Washington,” Claire said. “We may differ in a particular position, but we share a common position on many issues to improve our community and strengthen our families.”

Queller confronts Republican Cathy Garcia in a Democratic neighborhood in November, but following Republican Mayra Flores, the GOP has increased confidence in its long-standing Democratic base, South Texas. Turned over vacant seats in Congress in a special election on Tuesday..