Democratic Kamala Harris Problem


Kamala Harris.

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and Provocative substack postsMatthew Yglesias suggests that Vice President Kamala Harris poses a serious problem to the Democratic Party. On the one hand, she is very likely to be the party’s president-elect candidate in either 2024 or 2028 (78-year-old Joe Biden runs for reelection or completes one or both terms. It depends on whether you live long enough).Meanwhile, her popularity Being behind Biden, And the general feeling in Washington is that she is politically incompetent.

Why is this when she wins many California state offices? California is by far the democratic nation, and California’s Democratic politics tends to be of limited appeal and totally unpopular in other parts of the country. Which direction is this? For example, despite plenty of evidence that female politicians can overcome their obstacles to achieving political popularity in the United States, only “sexism” is due to Harris’s struggle in polls. There is something to blame instinctively.

Iglesias’s advice to Harris is to stop behaving like her job. Winning the support of young, well-educated urban activists and progressive donors who play a major role in California and democratic politics. They already love her. Instead, she makes a public statement to appeal to an imaginary white man in his fifties who does not have a college degree and lives in the suburbs of a medium-sized, apparently unhip Midwestern city (such as Grand Rapids, Michigan). You should aim to get a medium swing voter by adjusting). Specifically, by expressing patriotism next to Biden, it means answering the question of whether the United States is a racist country. Say “America is the greatest country in the world” and leave it alone.

Can Harris do this? Of course she did. But does she do that? I have doubts just because so many Democrats from her faction consider such efforts to be a moral betrayal. Such Democrats see themselves as moral pioneers — and they are the kind of racists who lie about atavistic racism, alien exclusion, and American exceptionalism. I don’t want to practice a politics of compromise with. This does not mean that they hate the country. But that means they don’t want to put their greatness in a future that hasn’t been realized yet and pretend that it’s well worth accepting about that past.

Does Kamala Harris see the country this way? Is she willing to get out of it to win? Can she even see what she needs to do? These are questions we still can’t answer, but they could determine the feasibility of her future elections.

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