Democratic Nicky Fried announces run for Florida Governor

Tallahassee, Florida (AP) — Agricultural Commissioner Nicky Fried announced on Tuesday that he would seek a Democratic governor nomination, prioritizing Republican Governor Ron DeSantis over his party and political ambitions over Florida people. Called an authoritarian.

Fried criticized Desantis for trying to calm Floridian’s voice by signing legislation that makes voting more difficult, cracking down on protests, and making it more difficult for citizens to change the constitution.

“Ron DeSantis fully embraces the right-wing agenda and authoritarian style of governance that is not suitable for Florida,” Fried said in a telephone interview. “If you don’t support him or the party, he will stop your vote. If you disagree with him, he will silence you.”

She posted and published a two-minute video. twitter..

Fried, 43, wants to be a Democrat who has won the governor’s election since Lawton Chiles was reelected in 1994. Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, Currently a Democratic member of the US House of Representatives.

“Charlie is a good guy. He’s definitely a strong supporter of DC voters. I wanted him to stay there,” Fried said. Fried was a Republican. Members are concerned that he will be able to win the seat he is giving up in the St. Petersburg district. “Charlie is endangering his seat and the Democratic majority, but I believe it is a mistake.”

Cristo was elected governor in 2006 and ran for the US Senate as an independent in 2010, but was defeated by Republican Marco Rubio. He ran for governor as a Democrat in 2014, but was narrowly defeated by Republican Rick Scott. Crist’s campaign did not immediately comment on participating in Freed’s race.

Fried said he has consistently supported the Democratic issue.

“I’ve been fighting these issues all my life. I used to do soup kitchens, habitat for humanity and gay pride parades in high school. I won’t change my position for the election,” Fried said. Said.

Fried is Florida’s only state-wide elected Democrat. She won seats in 2018 with 6,753 votes. She previously worked as a public defender and lobbyist in the medical marijuana industry. She was elected Student President while attending the University of Florida.

Fried criticized Desantis’ response to the coronavirus pandemic. DeSantis opened the state last summer and signed an order banning local governments from issuing mask obligations and restricting business.

DeSantis said his decision on COVID 19 helped the state’s economy, but Fried said he did not sympathize with the victims of the virus.

“I would have absolutely obliged a mask,” she said. “A piece of cloth that covers your face. Every day we ask you to wear a seatbelt when you get in the car. You can’t enter a restaurant without a shirt. This is a common wisdom in following science that he never did. “

She said the state unemployment system failed early in the pandemic and Desantis barely dealt with people’s fears.

“There were frightened people, and the governor did nothing to reassure them. Instead of becoming the governor of Florida as a whole, he followed President Trump’s leadership and made the pandemic response partisan. I just did it. I’ve never done it before. “

The Republicans in Florida used Twitter to criticize Fried’s position on the pandemic.

Fried said, “We tried to close the Florida school and overturn the executive order of Governor DeSantis to bring the children back to the classroom. She is a lockdown lobbyist and makes the right decision for the Florida family. I can’t trust that, “the party tweeted.