Democratic officials choose white women over Native American Latina for Harland’s old seats

Democratic officials in New Mexico nominated a white legislature for Latina and Native American candidates to the former US House of Representatives seat of Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland on Wednesday.

Important reason: Melanie Stansbury’s choice to replace one of the first Native American women’s US House of Representatives in the United States makes it relatively suitable for special elections in severe Latin districts in central New Mexico. I was able to place a safe Democratic seat.

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  • Republican Party was nominated as a Hispanic legislature and former college football player on Sunday Mark Moores..

News promotion: Stansbury defeated retired law professor and state senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez with six votes in a final vote decided by Democratic insiders.

  • Stan’s Berry came in second in the first round, kicking out members of Akamar Pueblo with the support of Native American national activists and other Hispanic candidates.

  • New Mexico’s special election law allows political parties to elect candidates. This is the process by which some democratic Latinos and Native Americans have stated that liberal whites create considerable power and put them at a disadvantage.

  • After the second round, Stansbury worked to gain support from other White Democrats, including former Lieutenant Governor Diane Danish.

Some white Democrats Hispanic voters dismissed social media claims that they would get angry if no voters were nominated.

Yes, but: Latin State Senators and Hispanic Democratic activists failed to recruit and develop color candidates in rural areas while Republicans were profiting with Latino Americans nationwide. He said he was.

conspiracy: In 2020, white left-wing Democrats expelled many Hispanic moderate New Mexico State Capitol members in the primary and offended many Latino Democrats.

  • The Democratic Party controls both chambers of the state legislatures of the most hispanic states in the United States, but the Speaker of the House, the leader of the Senate, and the President pro tempore of the Senate are all white.

Current status: Stansbury will meet Senator Mark Moores, a former Hispanic football star at the University of New Mexico, in a special election on June 1.

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