Democratic senators, led by Elizabeth Warren, want to ban brokers from trading people’s health and location data.


Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren.Tom Williams / CQ-RollCall, Inc via Getty Images

  • A group of Democratic senators, led by Elizabeth Warren, wants to ban brokers from trading location and health data.

  • Data brokers sell anonymized personal data, which may be de-anonymized.

  • If the Roe v. Wade case is hit, the data of those seeking abortion can be vulnerable.

A group of Democratic Senators, led by Elizabeth Warren, sells American health and location data to brokers amid concerns that visitors to the abortion clinic could be quickly tracked and targeted by guards. I’m trying to ban you from doing so.

A bill submitted by Warren on Wednesday, co-sponsored by Bernie Sanders and several other Democrats, will ban data brokers from selling or transferring personal location and health data, he said. statement On Warren’s website.

“Data brokers benefit from the location data of millions of people, and selling their most personal information poses a serious risk to Americans around the world,” Warren said. I am.

“This radical Supreme Court is poised to overturn the Roe v. Wade case, and it’s more important than ever for Congress to protect sensitive consumer data in states that are trying to criminalize essential health care. “It has become,” she added.

Leaked draft opinion published by Politico Supreme Court in May Overturn the Roe v. Wade case..A few Thirteen states have legislation to quickly criminalize abortion If the case is overturned.

After the court’s draft opinion was published Deputy When Markup It turns out that health and location data sold by brokers can be used to track individuals visiting abortion clinics. Deputy I was able to purchase phone location data because it was reported in May 600 planned parent clinics in the US for $ 160..

It is possible to legally obtain this data from a data broker. These companies buy, package and sell people’s personal data. The datasets they sell are anonymized, It is possible to cancel the anonymization of the individual in..

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