Democrats aim to vote in July as Congress delves into infrastructure

Washington (AP) —Even before President Joe Biden announced his $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure plan on Wednesday, Parliamentary Commission laid the foundation for major public works investment with the goal of passing the summer.

They held public hearings to hear from experts in the field and leading government officials. They have submitted a number of bills. They asked lawmakers from both parties to submit ideas for a particular project on Thursday.

And now the difficult part begins, combining together an ambitious final product that can pass through such a tightly divided House of Representatives and Senate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quoted July 4 as the date he would like to approve the infrastructure bill, but the deadline could be delayed later in the month, she told Democrats in a conference call earlier this week. Told.

The process of passing Biden’s plan has not yet been decided, but it is likely that individual committees will proceed with legislation and the work will lead to a comprehensive bill. The aide was not allowed to speak publicly on this issue and discussed it on condition of anonymity.

Various components of drastic planning can be popular. Biden wants to spend $ 25 billion on improving national airports, for example, $ 115 billion on bridges and roads that need the most important repairs, and $ 17 billion on ports and waterways.

The Democratic Party Chairman of the Commission, which oversees the potential for investment in roads, bridges and transportation, commissioned a highway reapproval bill, a key component of infrastructure promotion, before the Memorial Day for the War Dead. I am aiming to pass it from the meeting.

To undermine the outlook for bipartisan support, Democrats offer legislators the opportunity to leave their mark through what is now called a “member-designated project.” ..

From Thursday, lawmakers can begin requesting the Yearmark from the House Transport Infrastructure Commission, which is working on road and transportation bills. Policy changes (the use of earmarks, which have been banned in recent years) may step up efforts to reach an infrastructure bill agreement, but other factors, such as their payment methods, play a much larger role. There is a possibility.

Key Republicans and influential business groups are urging Biden to oppose the preferred infrastructure payment method, primarily by raising the corporate tax rate to 28%. It was 35% before the tax cuts enacted during President Donald Trump’s term reduced the rate to 21%. Republicans do not consider the proposed increase to be a midpoint.

“It’s called infrastructure. But inside the Trojan, you’ll incur more debt, and there’s a big tax increase on every productive part of our economy,” the Senate said. Minority leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday in his hometown of Kentucky.

McConnell said he was particularly plagued by questions about potential funding for bridge repairs, but did not consider this a bipartisan moment in Washington.

Still, Democrats and the White House are refraining from creating bipartisan support, even though it seems less likely. Biden’s first major bill, the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout program, was unsupported by the Republicans.

“Because of the emergency, the rescue plan in the United States was a little different. White House spokesman Jen Psaki told MSNBC,” We are still in order to curb the pandemic and bring people back to work. He was dealing with an emergency that was still fighting. ” “This is a big job bill, but we have a little more time to negotiate, discuss, and ask if people have better ideas about suggestions and how to pay for them.”

Missouri Rep. Sam Graves, a Republican in the House of Representatives, hopes Congress will draft an infrastructure bill in the coming weeks that will allow Congress to gain bipartisan support, but the Biden program could. He said the sex was low.

“The president’s blueprint is a multi-trillion dollar partisan shopping list of progressive priorities, all broadly categorized as’infrastructure’and paid for with a significant murder tax hike,” Graves said. I am.

If Democrats fail to get support for the Republican bill, Democratic leaders could look to the same budgetary procedures used to pass the COVID-19 bailout bill in the Senate with a simple majority. There is.

Government officials avoided asking questions about whether the Democratic Party would go that route, clarifying that he had plans before adding that Biden would not compromise on “the urgency of the moment,” and others. He said he was open to listening to his thoughts.

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