Democrats are furious with Ducey’s reaction to Trump.That means his strategy is right


After the Ribbon Cut Ceremony, Governor Doug Ducy will answer a reporter's question at the Arizona Counterterrorism Information Center in Phoenix on October 4, 2021.

After the Ribbon Cut Ceremony, Governor Doug Ducy will answer a reporter’s question at the Arizona Counterterrorism Information Center in Phoenix on October 4, 2021.

You can see that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey occupies a strategic height in the battle for the Republican soul. I went to CNN’s State of the Union address On Sunday, he refused to bite into the question: will he support another Donald Trump run for the president?

Ducey accused him, and then all the right people were attacking him in this intra-party struggle.

That is, people outside the party.


One by one, they piled up their contempt.

“What does it tell you about the state of the Republican cult that Doug Ducey supports the president’s rebels, instigators and traitors?” Tweet Norman OrnsteinLeft-wing political scientist.

“Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey does not rule out his support for Trump in 2024 (despite Trump calling him” one of the worst governors in the United States “).” Tweeted progressive journalist Aaron Rupar..

“It’s embarrassing and horrifying that Republican politicians like Doug Ducey were bullied by fascist Demagogue. How dirty our country is!” Marc Jacobs, a former Metro editor of the Chicago Tribune, tweeted.

If the opinion is cheap, this was a discount store. To guess one of them, you need little to know about Arizona and Republican politics.

It tells you what Ducey’s tactics are ultimately — defeating the Democrats and their liberal enthusiasts.

Three Republican camps after Trump

After a meteorite known as Donald Trump struck the Republican Party in 2015, the party split into three different camps.

His crazy efforts to overturn the last election, the instigation of the Capitol riots on January 6, two impeachments, and an all-in that remained true to Trump after the 2020 election defeat. There was a faction. Even if he stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot them, they would support Trump.

Next was the #NeverTrump faction trying to destroy and save the party.

And finally, there was a Finest Ramp faction who admitted that the Republicans had to move beyond Trump without passing the next decade’s elections to the progressive left. This wing understands that you can’t destroy a party and save it, as Democrats are willing to help you.

The Republican camp, which skillfully manipulates and moves forward with Trump, was well represented by Ducey on Sunday. He told the people Republican Kari Lake, who, with Trump’s support, is leading the polls on behalf of Ducey, is a fraud.

She plans to be all-in, take a Fifth Avenue bullet from Trump, and still make his boots shine. And maybe that’s true, because the two are in many ways the same shape shifter. At the time Trump was writing a check on Hillary Clinton. The lake was writing a check on Barack Obama.

Ducey told CNN that he would not support anyone in the race because he was not focused on the 2024 election, he pointed out.

Ducey is part of the Republican Governor’s powerful bench

Among them are the powerful benches of former Republican governors such as Ron DeSantis of Florida, Mike Pence of Indiana, Brian Kemp of Georgia, Glen Youngkin of Virginia, and Doug Ducey of Arizona.

DeSantis is a big dog who threatens to replace Trump, ignores his contempt, and insults him all the time. The only evidence that DeSantis needs to know is a serious threat to the Democratic Party is that he is constantly igniting from liberal national media and politicians such as California Governor Gavin Newsom. July 4th attack ad..

Democrats in Florida know that DeSantis is the problem.He has Collected $ 130.4 million campaign chests On Friday, Florida’s longtime political journalist Mark Capto reportedly ran for reelection. “I’ve never seen this in Florida. Have candidates from other states done so much to banks?”

At the three-day tournament in Tampa last weekend, Florida Democrats beat it Politico reported that he made a joke about Republicans.

“But personally, incumbents such as the unpopular president, the highest inflation in 40 years, and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis have raked in millions and seem unstoppable in the middle of 2022. There was a sense of fatalism among the state’s Democrats heading for the election.

“In addition to their problems, there is a shortage of national donor groups that limit the amount they are willing to give to candidates after Democrats have suffered multiple defeats in the recent election cycle. “No one has come to save us,” Fentrice Driskell, Democratic Party leader (D-Tampa), said in a Saturday morning session held by the Florida Black Democratic Party.

Democrats are terribly wanting to run against Trump

Nationally, Democrats have funded extreme conservatives in Republican primaries. Overwhelmed by the Democratic Party In the general election.

The Democrats wouldn’t like anything anymore Politico reported on Friday, rather than Trump officially making it official and soon announcing that he would run for president again.

Parliamentary news site tells them that Trump’s announcement is “a positive development for the (Democratic) party, if not a game changer,” and that the Democratic campaign has already drafted funding in advance. Talked to more than 20 Democratic officials and pitched in the hope of generating millions of dollars from the launch of Trump.

“It’s bad (for Republicans) because he robs the room so much oxygen,” long-time Biden pollster John Anzalone told Politico. “More people think (Trump) should be prosecuted for crimes. Individual things have come up about his actions and comments. All of them hurt him. General. He would want to be the front and center It’s not good for Republicans Because the people are against him.

“That’s why come in,” said Ansalone. “Dive into the pool.”

When Republicans choose Lake Kari to run for the general election, Arizona Democrats play cork. She attacked Republicans for most of the campaign, accused Fox News of abusing her, polluted John McCain’s legacy, and hinted that Republicans might try to run a primary against her. rice field.

If Ducey disagrees with all that, and if Democrats don’t want to offer Donald Trump’s next clay pigeon shooting to blow up the sky, isn’t it strange that liberal experts are angry?

Phil Boas is an editorial columnist at The Arizona Republic. Email him at [email protected].

This article was originally published in The Arizona Republic: Why Dems is angry with Ducey Trump is not what you think