Democrats block Republican bids blaming Maxine Waters for Chauvin’s remarks

Maxine Waters remained rebellious as the Democrats successfully blocked a long-term Republican attempt to blame and expel veteran lawmakers over comments on Derek Chauvin’s murder trial.

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“I’m not worried that they will continue to distort what I say,” Waters, 82, Told the griot.. “This is their appearance, this is their behavior, and I will not be bullied by them.”

Republicans have unleashed fierce criticism of Waters after the California Democrats have promised that if Chauvin is acquitted on Saturday, protesters will be “more confrontational.”

Democrats in the House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to condemn Waters in response to comments from Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy. Chauvin convicted Of George Floyd’s murder.

The House of Representatives submitted a resolution or cast 216-210 votes to kill. Voting is in line with political party policy Democratic Party He opposed proceeding with a resolution against Waters.

Waters revealed she wouldn’t allow Republican Forces her to silence Floyd and more recently the killing of Daunte Wright by police 20 year old black man..

African-American Waters has been in Congress since 1991. She has a long record of frankly confronting political opponents in her civil rights movement and has earned the nickname Kerosene Maxine in some areas.

A long-time Republican favorite target, she was angry in 2018 when Trump’s aides and officials said they had to confront the public. Last week, she told Republican lawmaker Jim Jordan to “close her mouth” at a hearing with White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.

She spoke to the media on Saturday during a protest at the Brooklyn Center on the outskirts of Minneapolis, where police shot dead. Light Early this month.

Waters said he wanted Chauvin to be found “guilty, guilty, guilty.”

When Chauvin was acquitted, she said: We need more conflict. You need to make sure they know what we mean by business. “

Republicans immediately accused Waters of inciting violence, they said, and Democrats accused Donald Trump of doing it before the January 6 parliamentary riots.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy voted against impeaching Trump in a parliamentary attack and considered Waters a “dangerous comment” on Monday, saying five people had died. He said he would introduce a resolution condemning him.

“This weekend in Minnesota, Maxine Waters violated the curfew and then instigated violence to break the law.” McCarthy tweeted..

In a coordinated attack, Florida Congressman Maria Elvira Salazar said Waters “has a long history of helping dictators to incite anxiety and use violence to get what they want.” Stated. Texas representative August Pfruger called her rhetoric “outrageously shameful.”

Far-right Georgia Republican and conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene Those who have expressed their support By executing prominent Democrats and FBI agents, she said she would try to expel Waters, who called it “danger to our society.”

Green calls WatersAgitation Black Lives Matter’s Domestic Terrorist “, After Two Minnesota National Guard Shoots Slightly injured..

Prior to his conviction on Tuesday, Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, told NBC that he had received a call from Biden.

The president said: He knows what it means to lose a family. And because he knows what we are experiencing, he let us know that he is praying for us and hoped that everything would work. “

Then, at the White House, Biden told reporters: They are a good family and want peace and tranquility. “

The president added: “I hope the verdict is the correct one. That is, in my view, it’s overwhelming. So that the jury is now quarantined and I don’t hear that. I wouldn’t say that. “

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Biden was “impressed” by the conversation with the Floyd family. “We definitely don’t want to influence the outcome of the trial,” Biden said in a comment, adding: peace. “

Waters’ words were raised in a Minneapolis court on Monday when defendant lawyers moved for illegal trials on their behalf. Judge Peter Carhill denied the allegation, but Waters complained, saying he was “rude to the rule of law and the judiciary.”

Kay Hill also told the defense:

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said he didn’t have to defend and apologize to Waters.

“Maxin talked about’conflict’in the way of the civil rights movement,” Pelosi said.