Democrats move two bills that show strength and limits

Washington (AP) — Democrats are on track.House voted in line with party policy Make the capital of the country the 51st state, And two hours later, the Senate overwhelmingly approved bipartisan law to deal with Violence against Asian Americans..

Democrats gained momentum just six days ago with a twin victory on Thursday Maiden Speech to Parliament by President Joe Biden.. But they also spotlighted the limits of his party in enacting his agenda.

Despite a small majority, the Democratic Party of the House of Representatives has passed a bill this year to rewrite voting laws, strengthen gun background checks, and achieve the goals of other parties. But in the Democratic-dominated Senate 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris tying, Republicans can force changes to some bills and block others altogether.

Senate GOP Superpower: Filibuster, delayed bill killing forced 50 Democrats in the Chamber of Commerce to win votes from at least 10 Republicans. It gives Republicans tremendous power over much of Biden’s and Democratic agenda, which fuels frustration among progressives who want Senators to abolish the rules of filibuster.

Democratic Rep. Cori Bush said Thursday that “everything we love is at stake,” and checked the list of bills passed by the Senate, which is collecting dust. necessary. “

Beyond the specific objections of the 50 Republicans in the Chamber of Commerce, all 50 Democratic Senators and Harris are needed to eliminate or reduce filibuster.

However, moderate senators Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) And Kyrsten Cinema (D-Arizona) are opposed to eliminating it, and Democrats are quietly opposed to others in the party. It states that it is. Filibuster proponents cite the preference for seeking a bipartisan agreement with the Republican Party and the implications of the GOP inevitably returning to Senate majority control at some point.

Filibuster was designed to encourage both parties to “find a path” at an event hosted by news website Axios this week, Manchin said. Senators are using it to stall Republicans’ efforts to reduce abortion rights and other fights, and some within the party are afraid to lose their weapons in the future.

“What’s happening,” Manchin added.

Importantly, Biden has already won the pinnacle of his first few months agenda — the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout package signed by law in March. In the coming months, he is likely to achieve his second big win at the proposed $ 2.3 trillion. Infrastructure planningThe White House says it will create millions of jobs.

“The biggest part of Biden’s agenda, where he puts his most political capital behind, is already in law,” or likely, Matt Bennett, chief executive officer of the Middle Democratic Party’s Third Way. Bennett said.

The Democratic Party has passed a virus bailout bill over the unanimous opposition of the Republican Party because it used special budget rules to prevent the Republican filibuster. They could resort to the same steps for the infrastructure bill to take precedence if they couldn’t reach a compromise with the Republicans, as they seem likely.

However, the use of procedures to avoid filibuster is severely restricted by Senate rules. In January alone, it puts the party’s core liberal voters-loved democratic initiative in jeopardy. The bill to give the District of Columbia a state also doesn’t face an opportunity in the Senate.

Senators are trying to negotiate under pressure after a former Minneapolis police officer was convicted this week for the murder of a black man, George Floyd. A compromise when reviewing police procedures.. A bill passed by the House of Representatives will ban strangler figs, improve police training, and end the exemption of many police officers from proceedings.

The disability urged progressives like Bush to continue to put pressure on Democratic senators to eliminate filibuster. Some top Democrats have repeatedly hung the threat of doing just that. The Liberal Party wants Senate Democrats to put pressure on them to end the rules.

“This chamber can work in a bipartisan way to get things done,” said Senate leader Chuck Schumer after passing a bill on violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. , DN.Y. Said on Thursday. “It doesn’t mean we give up our principles. It doesn’t mean we reduce the boldness we need, but it does mean we try to work with our Republican colleagues as much as possible. I will. “

At a press conference last month, Biden advocated a return to the previous filibuster version, where opposing senators were forced to speak on the Senate floor until one of them surrendered. He added that if a “complete blockade” occurs, “we must go beyond what we are talking about.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Caliph, told reporters Thursday that “Mitch McConnell is still a problem.” Grim Reaper killed a progressive bill in his room.

However, McConnell does not condemn all Senate issues. The Democratic Party is currently lacking 50 Senate votes to expand gun background checks, raising minimum wages and other priorities, so eliminating filibuster is not enough.

Republicans are already attacking in filibuster battles. McConnell warned on the Senate floor Thursday that he would like to abolish the process by which Democrats push the law to impose new federal voting rules, add Supreme Court judges, and create a new Democratic-controlled state.

“We will rewrite the rules of American politics to benefit only one side,” McConnell said.

The GOP House and Senate campaign committees are enjoying taking advantage of this issue for the 2022 election, when Republicans want to gain control of Congress.

“It will be a standard question for Democrats,” said Chris Hartline, a spokesman for the National Republican Senate Committee. “It must be said that they are in favor of removing filibuster, otherwise they will face the wrath of their liberal foundation.” If they do not.