Democrats oppose criticism of surprise trip to Afghanistan


manager Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) A secret trip to Afghanistan with another parliamentarian was wrong and opposed critics that it could cause further problems for security forces in Afghanistan. “Anonymous quote from Washington” when he “saves the lives of our allies.”

He repeatedly asked the Boston Globe in Doha, Qatar, for permission to travel to Afghanistan, but said he was refused. Marine veterans said they were motivated to travel to help take their families out of the country because they did not get the help they needed through remote efforts.

“I got some groups going through the gate, not just my family.” Moulton told The Boston Globe Newspapers mention the tightly guarded Kabul Airport, where Taliban fighters made it difficult for some Americans to enter.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Said that while she also cares about the people of Afghanistan, lawmakers who decide to go to Afghanistan while evacuation efforts are underway “divert resources. Was one of the critics who said. “

“Members’ trips to Afghanistan and its surrounding countries will unnecessarily divert the resources needed from the priority mission of safely and quickly evacuating the United States and Afghanistan at risk from Afghanistan.” Pelosi wrote..

Moulton said: Everyone who can pass through the gate, one of our allies, is the difference between freedom and death. “

Moulton traveled with the person in charge. Peter Meyer (R-Mich.), A fellow veteran on Tuesday. Massachusetts representatives have criticized officials saying that going to Afghanistan could put an extra burden on evacuees, saying he and Meyer were modest and stayed primarily at headquarters. Opposed to.

Peter Major
Michigan’s Third District Parliamentary Republican candidate, Peter Meijer, will then speak at a campaign rally on October 14, 2020 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (CarlosOsorio / AP Photo)

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (Republican) said he understood what frustrated veterans like Moulton and Meyer were experiencing, and his empathy could lead more “impressive” lawmakers to another trip. When reporters further pressed for sex, McCarthy wouldn’t say they shouldn’t.

“See, they shouldn’t go,” McCarthy said at a briefing Wednesday. “These people are veterans,” McCarthy said. “I talked to Peter Meyer several times. The text he sent me was working to get rid of people … he was frustrated.”

McCarthy said the dissatisfaction was caused by the fact that the State Department was overwhelmed and did not appear to respond to all of the urgent requests for assistance from the Afghan people.

“I know how many times I call the Department of State, but don’t they answer?” He added. “I hired an interpreter, I worked with their family, they are stuck in the house, they don’t know they can go out, or an American family, and they Are frustrated as MPs trying to help these individuals disappear nowhere, they are specially recalled back to MPs, and they spend only $ 5 trillion. “

“I don’t think it’s wise for others to go,” McCarthy reiterated. “You don’t hurt yourself, you hurt yourself, but if the army has to protect you, you hurt Americans.”

A pair of lawmakers Joint statement On August 24th, I revealed the reason why I traveled.

“As members of the House of Representatives, we have a duty to oversee the government. Currently, there is no place in the world where surveillance is more important. We are to minimize the risk and confusion to the people on earth. , And since we were there to gather information, not the grandstand, we talked about it only after departure and made this visit in secret. “

They are urging President Joe Biden to extend the August 31 deadline to ensure that all Americans and allies can escape safely.