Denmark suspends national COVID-19 vaccination program in May

Denmark became the first country to suspend the COVID-19 vaccination program. This is due to the reduction of new infections and the high immunity of the population.

Countries that lifted all pandemic-related restrictions in February —publication In a decision on Tuesday, authorities said it was “in a good position” to abolish the program.

The Danes National Health Commission has pointed out high vaccination rates nationwide, with more than 4.8 million Danes vaccinated since December 2020, reducing new infectious diseases, immunity of the population and stability. He pointed out that the hospitalization rate was the reason for the decision. ..

After May 15, the government will no longer issue vaccination invitations or reminders, officials said.

However, health authorities continue to recommend vaccination of people at high risk of severe COVID-19, such as individuals with underlying health conditions. They also recommend that Danes complete the vaccination course if they start the vaccination course.

The program will be suspended in mid-May, but authorities will resume it after the summer.

“Vaccines against COVID-19 will be needed again this fall,” they added. “This is because the coronavirus is an unstable virus that can continue to mutate, and it is expected that the infection will increase again from autumn to winter.”

According to the Danish press, Boretto Soborg, director of the authorities’ infectious disease department, said health officials will evaluate who needs to be vaccinated and when, and which vaccine will be vaccinated by next fall. Stated. local.

Denmark became the first country in the EU to abolish pandemic-related regulations in February, saying the virus was no longer considered a “socially serious illness” and was not burdening the health system.

However, when the highly contagious wave of Omicron struck Denmark last November, the country stepped up its immune campaign. This included booster shots and a fourth dose of vaccine to vulnerable individuals.

The decision to discontinue the vaccination program in Denmark warns White House COVID-19 adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci that pandemic restrictions could be reinstated in the United States if there is support for the virus case. It will be done one month later.

Fauci told the BBC that Americans “need to be prepared for potential” in preparation for an increase in the number of incidents, but “we don’t want to use the word” blockade. ” It has a charged element. But I believe we need to pay attention to the patterns seen in infectious diseases. “

The BA.2 omicron subvariant accounts for approximately 68.1% of cases. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..

Catabella Roberts


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