Dennis Eckersley’s grandson arrested if he was born in the woods

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – A second arrest has been made in the case of MLB Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley’s daughter, who gave birth in the New Hampshire woods in freezing temperatures, officials said Wednesday.

George Tebarge has been arrested and charged with falsifying witnesses, acting recklessly and endangering the welfare of a child in connection with his December 26 birth, according to Manchester City Police. .

In a police affidavit, daughter Alexandra Eckersley, 26, called Theberge her boyfriend. Other records of the case are sealed. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

Authorities said the boy had been left in the tent for more than an hour before being found by police. Her mother was accused of abandoning her son without heating or proper clothing, she pleaded not guilty to assault, reckless conduct and other charges on her Dec. was released on bail on the condition that he could not contact his son.

Eckersley’s attorney, Kim Kossick, said she was receiving treatment.

“She is recovering from this ordeal. She is a young woman who never knew she was pregnant. She gave birth alone in the woods. , and called 911.”

Kossick said Eckersley led police to the baby. “In my opinion, she saved the baby’s life,” she said.

She said, “The idea that only this woman had this child and I think my first instinct was to arrest her. She was taken to the police station and interrogated before being taken to the hospital.” , was still bleeding from childbirth, in bloody clothes.”

She is the daughter of Dennis Eckersley, who was drafted by Cleveland as a California high school student in 1972, and has played for the Cleveland, Boston, Cubs, Oakland, and Cardinals. She won the AL She Young Award and her MVP Award while playing for the Oakland Athletics in 1992. Eckersley retired from broadcasting his Boston Reds his Sox game last year.

Eckersley’s family released a statement last month saying they had no prior knowledge of the pregnancy and were in complete shock. They wanted a guardian for the boy.

A statement said that Alexandra Eckersley, whom they called “Allie,” had suffered “severe mental illness throughout her life” and that her family had done their best to get her help and support.