Denver Broncos fans go viral to leave the game en masse at the strangest moments

shocking numbers Denver Broncos Fans got up on Thursday to finish the game before the most exciting part: overtime.

(See video below.)

with home team Indianapolis Colts If you were playing a field-goal-only stinker tied 9-9, you’d think the faithful would stick around to see who actually won.

But, in the words of “Thursday Night Football” announcer Al Michaels, “enough is enough.” The Exodus clip went viral.

Part of the dislike was attributed to the Broncos’ weak offense. Denver’s offense sits second-to-last in NFL scoring Average of 15 points per gameOnly the Colts are behind with 13.8 points per game.

The Broncos’ newly acquired quarterback Russell Wilson is so-so.he Throw an interception in the end zone The second half of regulation opened the door for the Colts to return and kick a game-tying field goal to force overtime.

The away fans missed further frustration in extra time.Wilson Couldn’t find a wide open KJ Hamler In the end zone on a 4-down pass play, he threw an imperfect intended for Cortland Sutton instead. It sealed a 12-9 loss and sank the Broncos’ record to 2-3.

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