Denver Post Tells Lauren Boubert ‘We’re Watching You’ After Filming in Colorado

of denver post denounced MPs. Lauren Bobert (R-Colo.) and other extremists accused them of perpetuating “rhetoric promoting fear and hatred” against LGBTQ people following Saturday’s shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado.

The paper’s editorial board said they were “tired of writing the same editorial over and over” days after a shooter killed five people and injured at least 18 at Club Q in Colorado Springs. . “Thoughts and prayers will not end gun violence. Words matter. Hateful, intolerant speech is not a public forum.”

The Washington Post wrote that “it is the shooter’s fault for firing the bullet,” but that “some of us send stories of hate and intolerance and do not understand where the words lead.” Or there are people who didn’t care,” he wrote.

paper is important on a daily basis Beaubert’s she noted that the shooting was “absolutely appalling” and that she tweeted that “the victims and their families are in my prayers.” bad reputation In light of her guns and bigoted celebration of the LGBTQ community.

bobert is repetition The erroneous belief that educating children about gender identity and ensuring that transgender youth receive gender-affirming care somehow “grooms” and sexualizes them Participated in the right-wing narrative. pointed the vitriol A drag show for children. After being criticized for her past comments in the wake of Saturday’s shooting, she said: doubled“I have never had bad rhetoric against anyone or against my personal preferences as an adult. What I have criticized is the sexualization of our children. I have criticized dressing up as a caricature of a woman.”

“Boebert has been duly accused of promoting hateful speech against the LGBTQ community,” the Post wrote. “Additionally, her hardline stance on gun control precluded even common sense from her, and she did not support any efforts to keep her gun out of the gunman’s possession. means that.”

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