Depp’s agents call the work that heard the editorial about abuse “catastrophic.”

Falls Church, Virginia (AP) — Johnny Depp’s agent described himself as a victim of domestic abuse in his ex-wife’s 2018 editorial at the Washington Post on Monday, “ for his career” “Catastrophic” and a $ 23 million deal in the sequel to “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Amber Heard’s lawyer actively opposed the agent’s allegations regarding cross-examination and found that the article was insignificant in the flow of bad publicity of Depp brought about by his own bad behavior. Suggested.

Depp sues Heard for defamation When she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence” at the Fairfax County Circuit, she said her article was defaming him. Although Depp’s name is not mentioned in this article, Depp’s lawyer states that he has defamed him because it is a clear reference to the allegations of abuse he heard in 2016.

In a testimony on Monday, agent Jack Wiggham said he was still able to work after Depp’s first allegations made against him in 2016. He was $ 8 million for “City of Rise”, $ 10 million for “Murder on the Orient Express”, and “Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald’s Crime” was signed before the allegations filed against him. But it was all shot in 2017.

But he said The Washington Post work Inflicted unique damage on Depp’s career.

“It was a first-person account and was very influential,” Wiggham said in an editorial.

After that, he said Depp had a hard time getting any kind of job. According to Wiggham, making the independent film Minimata would require a reduction of $ 3 million, with a $ 22.5 million verbal deal with Disney in the sixth Pirates film. It is said that it was discontinued.

However, in a cross-examination, Hard’s lawyer asked if the “pirate” transaction had already gone south by the time Hard’s article was published. Wiggham admitted that Depp had never had a written arrangement to appear in the sixth “The Pirates” movie. And while “Pirates” producer Jerry Bruckheimer talked favorably throughout 2018 about Depp’s return to the franchise, Disney executives were at best uncommitted.

By early 2019, a few weeks after Hard’s editorial, Wiggham said it was clear that Depp’s role in the “Pirate” movie had been discontinued and producers were instead trying to star Margot Robbie. ..

Hard’s lawyer reported heavy use of drugs and alcohol, a July 2018 crew lawsuit stating that he had been beaten by Depp, Another defamation proceeding filed against a British newspaper in 2018 — As if it hurt the image of Depp rather than the posted article.

In order for Depp’s Virginia proceedings to be successful, not only must he be shown to have been accused incorrectly, but in 2016 Heard, where she filed for divorce and obtained a temporary detention order. You need to show part of the editorial, not the allegations of abuse — the cause of the damage.

Depp’s lawyer also presented testimony from intellectual property experts who testified about the negative changes in Depp’s reputation. However, his own data showing trend lines from Google search showed a negative spike that occurred after the 2016 allegations of abuse, but the changes after the post were negligible or nonexistent.

The trial is currently in its fourth week.Many of Testimony for the first three weeks Focused on the unstable relationship between Depp and Hard. Depp says he has never hit hard. Her lawyer stated in the opening statement of the trial that she had been physically and sexually abused by Depp many times.

Those who hear will testify later this week.