Deputy Fire Marshal accused of death of 18-year-old volunteer firefighter in Texas

A deputy fire chief was arrested in the death of a young volunteer firefighter in Texas.

Joshua Michael Khan He was charged with manslaughter on Thursday after Douglas Smith was shot dead in Waller County on Sunday night, officials said. Deputy Fire Marshal At the University of Houston Fire and Security Department.

“Many of us have known Douglas Smith, the victim of this incident, since he was a baby,” the Waller County District Attorney’s Office posted on Facebook. “This photograph It was totally unnecessary and criminal. Our prayers are with his family and at the fire department. “

Prosecutor Sean Whitmore told KPRC that Smith was 18 years old. Volunteer firefighter He was an employee of the Tri County Fire Department at his home in Waller County on Sunday when Hahn began to show off his rifle.they were At a party, KAGS reported.

“The arrested individual said he had dropped his firearm and dropped it, and the fire went out. That was the first report,” Whitmore told KPRC. “Witnesses later said that another story had happened. He pointed his rifle at the person, and when he pulled the trigger, it was working.”

Mr Whitmore said the firing did not appear to be intentional, the KPRC reported. He told the press that Hahn fired a magazine but did not check if the bullets remained in the chamber.

According to the University of Houston website, Hahn is a volunteer firefighter in Waller County.

He was arrested with a $ 100,000 deposit.

“The investigation is ongoing until there is a possibility of additional charges,” the sheriff’s office said.

Smith’s funeral According to Waller-Harris Emergency Service District # 200, a line of fire trucks to the graveyard is scheduled for Wednesday.

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